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Director Letter

How did the rose ever
open its heart
and give to this world all of its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against its being,
otherwise we all remain too frightened.
- Hafiz

Dear friend,
We are happy to announce the new edition of the Body Mind Process Facilitation training for this 2018-2020 course in the beautiful Lisbon city (Portugal).
We invite you to join us on this new adventure, with a warm and experienced teaching team highly trained in the field of consciousness and Body Mind Process, to support your learning process both through in person classroom sessions and distance learning.

This training arises from a deep longing to share the tools and knowledge that have transformed our own lives and the lives of thousands of people, by enhancing our happiness, wellbeing and inner peace. It is also our intention to integrate it into society and make it accessible both in the alternative and the academic systems, so as many people as possible can benefit from these practices. We believe the more individuals generate inner peace and increase their own awareness, the more “outer” peace and higher awareness can be developed in our shared world.

Body Mind Process establishes a link between medicine and psychology, a link that reconnects the body and the mind. In this approach some of the affections of the physical body have an origin in the mind (beliefs,thoughts, emotions, behavioural patterns, etc.) and vice versa. Any unbalance in the physical body that has a psychosomatic origin can be explored by BMP by re-establishing the bodymind connection and understanding the origin of that unbalance.

Body Mind Process can be integrated into any kind of profession that would benefit from a deep understanding of human behaviour and the energetic dimension.

Some professional fields that could benefit from these studies are medicine, psychology, any other health science, teaching, anthropology, social work, the creative arts, etc.

In our aim to include as many of your interests as possible, we have developed four training modalities you can choose from to study with us. In three of these modalities student’s prior learning can be accredited within a Master’s programme by an international university.

Thanks to these four options, everyone is welcome to study with us.
These training programmes are designed for anybody with an interest in practicing the art of facilitating Body Mind Process of healing and transformation. These can be applied to his/her own personal development, his/her relationships with others, and to his/her own professional and daily life.

We hope this training will serve to ignite your passion, vitality and capacity to energetically hold transformational processes, and that it will further support the blossoming of your ‘Essence’ and ‘True self ’.

Muriel Moreno
Director of the BMP Facilitation Programmes

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