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EsenciArt 2021-22 Training: Relational Wisdom.

The energy of love and the art of relationships.


EsenciArt system: The 9 Phases of Personal Transformation

What do you do when you feel lost, confused, hurt, empty, furious, sad, scared, or disconnected from everything? Discover the origin of your stress, discomfort, or numbness, and how to come back to a more centered place of calmness, awareness, and vitality. EsenciArt offers you the keys to understand and transform your suffering and stress, and to reconnect with your Essence, source of health, peace, well-being, wisdom, creativity, connection, and wholeness.

EsenciArt is for you:

If you feel you need a change in your life. If you want to learn to transform your discomfort and suffering. If you want to learn to manage your emotions and stress level. If you want to feel more alive, have more energy, awareness, sense of purpose and wholeness. If you want to develop a healthier relationship with yourself and others. If you are interested in understanding how you function energetically and how to develop your intuition, presence and all your potential. If you are a professional who works with people. If you are a therapist or want to learn to accompany others with a Body-Mind-Essence process approach. If you want to become an EsenciArt Practitioner and offer professional online and in-person sessions.

EsenciArt Training

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9 Phases that will transform your life:

What knowledge will we need throughout all our life? What tool will we need to use when we go through difficult times, and when we face new challenges? What will allow us to grow and increase our energy, consciousness, and well-being? What will promote a healthy development vs. an unhealthy disconnection? 

In these times of confussion and collective uncertainty, now more than ever, the need to understand how our own internal resources work becomes clear; understand where our restlessness and stress begin, learn to decrease such stress and grow our own energy-consciousness, peace and vitality.

Learn how to activate our potential; identify which habits separate us from our Essence or true nature and what depletes us. Discover how to transform those habits, those limiting beliefs and wounds that we carry since childhood and that are often activated in our present, coloring our experience with suffering, emptiness, grief, and isolation. 

The purpose of the EsenciArt System is to provide such tool that allows us to go through our suffering, emptiness, and numbness in a transformative and respectful way, waking us up, reconnecting us with our potential and with our true nature or Essence. 

A 9-phase transformation process based on Dr. Muriel Moreno's observations, after 25 years of professional experience in the fields of Body Psychotherapy, energy processes and the Brennan Healing Science.

Discover this simple and transformative 9-phase system that you may practice from now on. 


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