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New face-to-face sessions in Maó and Ciutadella de Menorca. 3 awards in Mental Health and Personal Transformation. Supervission sessions for health professionals.


What is the EsenciArt System and how can it help you?

The EsenciArt System, founded in 2011 by Dr. Muriel Moreno with 30 years of experience, is a 9-phase system of self-knowledge and personal transformation, based on the body-mind processes and knowledge of the human energy system.

Through a simple and organic process of introspection and relaxation, we access a deeper level of our existence that allows us to understand the origin of our stress, suffering, emptiness or discomfort to dissolve it and help us reconnect with our Essence or true nature, source of well-being, love, creativity, strength, and wisdom.

The 9 Phases of the EsenciArt System have been recognized by 150 health professionals from 35 countries and 32 different disciplines, as highly relevant in their work with their patients and clients. And it has been awarded the 2022 Mental Health award by the UK GHP.

The EsenciArt System is taught in the EsenciArt Training for Self-Knowledge and Natural Energy Health, and through individual and intensive sessions in Menorca, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville and online.

9 Phases that will transform your life:

EsenciArt is for you:

If you feel you need a change in your life. If you want to learn to transform your discomfort and suffering. If you want to learn to manage your emotions and stress level. If you want to feel more alive, have more energy, awareness, sense of purpose and wholeness. If you want to develop a healthier relationship with yourself and others. If you are interested in understanding how you function energetically and how to develop your intuition, presence and all your potential. If you are a professional who works with people. If you are a therapist or want to learn to accompany others with a Body-Mind-Soul energy process approach. If you want to become an EsenciArt Practitioner and offer professional online and in-person sessions.

A 9-phase transformation process based on Dr. Muriel Moreno's observations, after 30 years of professional experience in the fields of Body-Mind Process, Natural Energy Therapy and the Brennan Healing Science.

Discover this simple and transformative 9-phase system that you can practice from now on. 



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Dra. Muriel Moreno

Dra. Muriel Moreno

Nuno Crossley Gusmao

Nuno Crossley Gusmao

Dra. Irene Sangrador

Dra. Irene Sangrador

Dra. Laura Llacuna

Dra. Laura Llacuna

Joaquim Salleras, MSc.

Joaquim Salleras, MSc.

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