EsenciArt International Training

Self-knowledge and Natural and Integrative Energy Health

The EsenciArt Training is dedicated to discovering our potential and understanding who we are on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level.

It is dedicated to the development of consciousness and raising the vibrational frequency / energy-consciousness of the human being through:

A.- Discover our potential. Reconnect with our Essence or true nature: source of peace, love, happiness, health and creativity.

B.- Understand how we disconnect from this potential and qualities of our Essence. Identify what blocks us and how we disconnect through defensive patterns learned from childhood, which take us away from our essence and which are the origin of our imbalance, stress, unhappiness and discomfort.

C.- Learn to transform these blocks and defensive patterns through the 9 Phases of the EsenciArt System. This releases the consciousness and life force that were trapped in those blockages, allowing the natural connection with our Essence and all our potential, which helps us live with more energy and capacity to enjoy and create the life we ​​want.

We learn to carry out this body-mind-essence process first with ourselves, generating peace from our inside to the outside. Later we learn to help others in this process of reconnection and reconciliation with oneself. With the intention of generating a conscious community connected with its Essence. A heart-centered, creative, peaceful, authentic, vital and compassionate community that creates a more peaceful, compassionate, healthy and creative world.

Online or semi-face-to-face structure:
Circular modular structure with 4 years of training, which allows entering each current training module, with a commitment of one year.

Training YearModules:

Module 1: Body Wisdom and Presence. Prosperity, Connection& Stability.

The purpose of this year is to develop our presence and experience a greater connection with our physical body and with the earth, with the most tangible energy, a fundamental basis for the development of our most subtle or spiritual energy that we will study in theotheryears.
In this module we work with the first chakra or energy center, as well as the first level of the Aura, where the energy meridians so well known for acupuncture and Shiatsu are found. We will discover the inheritance that we bring from our ancestors through our DNA and we will learn to free ourselves with the EsenciArt System, from inherited patterns of suffering as well as from traumas acquired during birth and our first days of life.
We will learn to balance and increase the energy of the first energy center and this will help us feel safer in our own body and on the earth, bydissolving some of the deeper tensions that keep us isolated and disconnected, developing a greater sense of stability, trust and prosperity.

Module 2: Emotional, Sexual and Intuitive Wisdom. The Creative Being

What makes you feel alive and full? What brings you joy and peace? During this year of training, we will focus on the second and third chakras or energy centers, which correspond to the area that goes from the stomach to the pelvis. We enter here into the emotional and mental relationship we have with ourselves, as well as our ability to develop our intuition and sensory perception. These chakras have to do with your self-esteem, the ability to create, to feel pleasure, and to carry out what you propose in society. If you have difficulty with any of these issues and / or have any physical symptoms in this area, we want to help you understand the origin of that stress and process the emotions and beliefs that limit you on the path of your personal fulfillment, to recover your full potential. and energy-consciousness of this area.

Module 3: Relational Wisdom. The Energy of Love and the Art of Relationships.

Can you love who youdon´tsee?  

This year 2021-22 we are going to delve into the fourth chakra, the energy center of the heart, which has to do with the ability to experience connection and love. We will develop relational wisdom, the energy of love and the art of relationships. Everything that has to do with how we relate from the heart (or what prevents us).     Through the EsenciArt System and its 9 Transformation Phases, we will discover how to work with the energy of the heart with our clients and with ourselves, understanding the origin and transforming the wounds of the heart that prevent us from loving and opening ourselves.   
We will study the three types of energetic interaction that occur in relationships, and how we interact according to our personality type.
We will explore intimacy and the challenges it brings.
We will work with stablishinghealthyboundaries and how we can communicate them from the heart.   
And we will discover how we are connected with everything that surrounds us through level 4 of the energy field or Aura. This is the level at which we connect with all living beings, as well as with those who are no longer in the physical plane. The 4th Level is the astral level, and it shows us how our heart connection remains beyond time and space.    
The goal of this training module is to enjoy healthier, more authentic, and more satisfying relationships.

Module 4: Spiritual Wisdom, Authentic communication and living fromEssence.

In this module, the purpose is in the development of the chakras and higher levels of the field: 5, 6 and 7: our relationship with the spiritual levels of human existence. The practice of authentic communication, serving something greater than our defensive personality or ego, connecting with our purpose, passion and / or mission for this life. Dream work, the development of our auditory and visual perception and the development of our understanding and perception of reality. In this module we become aware of our ability to co-create our life effortlessly, applying energy tools - consciousness and learning to live from our purpose and true nature or Essence.

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