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María Bandin

María Bandin

Psychology, Shiatsu & Chinese Medicine Teacher

As part of the Human Nature and Transformation area, Maria teaches us about Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu: one of the manual techniques that we apply in the EsenciArt 's sessions.

Touch is a very powerful tool to activate or balance the energy in ourselves and in others. Maria teaches us how to apply Shiatsu in the EsenciArt sessions and to know which are the energy meridians and what points can be used to balance ourselves and others. A very practical and effective tool to recover your balance and energy.



María Bandin specialized in Shiatsu, Thai Traditional Massage and Quiromassage as techniques to relieve tension, pain and awakening consciousness.

She is currently a psychology student at the University of Barcelona, a teacher of manual therapies such as Shiatsu and Thai Massage and is leading classes and workshops in several schools at Barcelona.

She has collaborated in various centers such as Ricardo Orozco's Institut Anthemon and the Kinevilar Osteopathy Center together with Osteopath Eduard Vilar.

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