Dra. Irene Sangrador

Dra. Irene Sangrador

Teacher on Biology & Genetics.

My name is Irene Sangrador, and I have a degree in Biotechnology (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). During my degree, I realized right away that my vocation was to help others, and that if I had to choose a way to follow my professional career, it had to be Biomedicine. So, I moved to Barcelona to study a Masters on Biomedical Research (UPF) and to work as a PhD student at the Hospital Clínic. During my PhD, I specialized in cancer research, a field that I am passionate about. I am currently a PhD in Translational Medicine (University of Barcelona), ​​and I am doing a post-doc on metastasis in breast cancer at Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona.

Discovering the perfect machinery we are made of helps us understand where we come from, and take a humble perspective on who we really are. I find it so exciting to be able to transmit this perspective to my students, helping them to enter the world of biology and get to know themselves a little more from another point of view.

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