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EsenciArt with Muriel

“EsenciArt guides you towards an inner wisdom. It helps you to love who you are, who you were and who you want to become” Jose. Therapist, Mindfulness Teacher & Musician. Spain

Training for Companies & Groups

From personal development to professional development

Individual Sessions

Who are you without stress? 

What do you do when you feel burnout, wounded, confused or lost?

The individual sessions offer a safe environment and a personalized attention and support, where you can explore who you are and allow a healing process to unfold naturally, to recover your connection with your aliveness, essential nature, joy, creativity, consciousness and peace.

The individual sessions offer support as well in "transition & crisis processes": illness, mourning, divorce, dying process, changes of work or city, etc.


Individual Sessions can be in person or by phone and skype.

In Person sessions are at Barcelona, Lisboa, Madrid, Sevilla and Huelva.

Other cities by phone or Skype.

If you are interested in an intensive work (2-4 days) of in-person Individual/ couples sessions contact us for more information.

Sessions are in english or spanish.



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