I would like to study the training only for my self-knowledge and personal development, would it be possible?

Yes, for this study path only attendance to classes is required (live and recorded), the rest of the requirements are highly recommended but are not mandatory.

would like to train as a professional EsenciArt Facilitator, what requirements would be necessary?


The EsenciArt Training will give you the theoretical and practical basis to carry out sessions as an EsenciArt Facilitator and work with clients both in-person and long distance, via online *. 

For this, it is necessary to take the introductory course and the 4 years of training, along with all the requirements, including: 

15 sessions with a psychotherapist per year. 

15 practices as EsenciArt Facilitator per year. 

One Creative project per year. 

Pass the exam at the end of each year. 

Conduct at least one session demonstration in the last two years of training. 

Presenting a case in the last year of training. 

* In Spain, this practice would be included in Natural Therapies. Each country has its own laws. We recommend checking the laws of your country in this regard.


I would like to do the online training, do you offer this option?

Yes, the EsenciArt Training can also be done online.

With talks, meditations, group practices, and live sessions through Zoom.

In addition, the student has a Virtual Campus with all the study material, recordings of talks, tools, bibliography, etc. to which you will have unlimited access until you finish your studies.


I would like to do the training in person, do you offer this option?

The EsenciArt Training started being face-to-face and will continue to offer this option as soon as it is a safe option. We hope to be able to offer it completely in person from the 2023-24 academic year on.

At this time we are offering the option of semi-face-to-face studies with total flexibility. This option consists of 3 online weekends + unlimited Virtual Campus access until the end of studies + 2 face-to-face weekends in Menorca. 

The face-to-face part will be confirmed 2 months before each meeting. The student has to enroll in the online training and can decide whether to participate in the face-to-face weekend, paying the extra cost for this face-to-face seminar 6 weeks before. A minimum of students will be necessary to carry out the in-person option.

Is the curriculum the same in the online study option than in the semi face to face option?

Yes, it is the same.


What are the prerequisites to join the training?

Students must be at least 18 years old and fill up the pre-registration form.

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