Individual Sessions

The individual sessions offer a safe environment and personalized attention and support, where you can explore who you are and allow an organic and natural process to develop, to regain your connection with your vitality, essential nature, joy, creativity, awareness, and peace. 

Some topics that are processed in sessions: 

Feeling of isolation and disconnection from oneself and others, not feeling safe, fear, and anxiety.  Feeling of not being good enough. Fear of abandonment. Dissatisfaction. Collapse. How to handle intense emotions. Feeling of loss. Transitions (change of work, home, relationships, death process, grief ...)  Confusion. Need for limits, space, and freedom. Inability to say no. Feeling of invasion or being controlled. Self-destructive behavior Self-esteem.

Relationships and love. Trust. Feeling betrayed. Opening of the heart. Empowerment. Sexuality.  Authenticity and self-expression. Existential Void.  Establishment of healthy habits. Understanding of oneself and own energy-consciousness system. Sensory perception. 

Supervision of health sciences professionals from the perspective of Integrative Energy Health.


Individual sessions can be in person or by phone and Skype.

The sessions in person are in Menorca, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and Huelva.

Other cities by phone or Skype. 


The sessions are in English or Spanish.

Duration and Cost of  Sessions: 

One session:

Length of time: 50 minutes

Cost: 100 euros

Payment due date: before or right after the session.

10 sessions Bonus:

Discount: 100 euros

Cost: 900 euros

Duration: one year

Payment due date: In advance: before the first session of the bonus.

Half session:                

             Price: 50 euros

             Duration: 25 minutes

             Payment due date: before or right after the half session.

Intensive sessions with Muriel in Menorca:

The intensive sessions allow you to delve into yourself to establish more lasting changes.

They can be individual or couple intensive.

The duration is usually 2 to 4 days.

To answer questions and create the type of intensive that best suits your needs, connect with Muriel at

Discounts & Payment Plans

Some of Dr. Muriel Moreno's work is with clients without financial resources and they are offered a special price or payment plan in their sessions. Please let us know if you would need a discount in your sessions and we will study your case.


Sessions can be cancelled always without any cost when it is canceled at least 48 hours before the session, otherwise, it will be charged in full unless there is a major reason. That will allow another client to benefit from that session.

How to book a session with Muriel

You can see Muriel's availability and book your sessions directly on the schedule below.

If you have any physical or mental illness, please contact us before making your reservation by email:

To perform intensive work (2-4 days) of individual or couple sessions in person, contact us for more information.

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