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"EsenciArt guides you toward an inner wisdom. It helps you to love who you are, who you were and who you want to become."

Jose F. 37 years old. Mindfulness teacher, Psychoenergetics practitioner and musician. Alicante. (Spain)


"I am very happy to have been able to participate in this supervision group with Muriel throughout this year ... During these months the group has become a wanted appointment, more and more. I have noticed how the group has had its own process (...) creating a very valuable space in which to feel supported, supported and at ease. Very pleased, each one being where I was ... I feel that this has been possible because the group has been created around the presence of Muriel, solid and flexible center at once, clear, simple and complex, loving and open (... ) Thank you! " 

Erica. 47 years old. Anthropologist and Psychoenergetics Practitioner. Italy.


     "I remember my wife telling me that she thought this anguish I had, according to her was very old. Since I started to walk the road with Muriel, it was the first time that I encouraged myself to go deeper into places where I did not even know they existed… Today I live life with less fear, less anxiety and therefore feel that the days are... more beautiful. On the other hand the practice of believing more and more in my spontaneous images or intuitions that come from within me when in peace and calmness, has awakened me to an unknown and very exciting realm to explore. "    

Lucio. 47 años. Arquitecto. Argentino.


"The supervision group has represented a great support and container for me throughout the year. It has been a place of protection and security which I have always been able to dispose of regardless of the state in which I am at any moment, since I would always be well received in any case, and that is a relief in itself ... Our small group has generated a good synergy between us, which has given us the possibility to work together and confront together some of our limitations in this safe space between us and well contained under the supervision of Muriel. I was very pleased to have been able to bring to the group some of the doubts that have arisen in relation to my first clients and it has been very beneficial to have this supervission about it. I recommend it!"

Natalia C. Barcelona (España). Psychoenergetics practitioner.


"(...) It is a process in which I am shifting from thinking to sensations, from feeling to acceptance, and from acceptance to peace, with myself and with all that surrounds me. A process of reconnection with the energy of the earth and connection of this with my ever active imaginative and creative world. World in which I camp happy but disconnected, established in my mind but not in my body, and now little by little, like a trickle of water, which enlarges and enlarges to become a river, it flows down and floods my body, bringing to all my nerve endings fresh water. Feeling this water flowing through the earth. And I feel less threatened because I know that rivers know how to dodge, surround, jump stones, problems, obstacles as long as they retain the primeval drive, the one that made them life at birth (...)  It is also a process in which I am counting on the necessary help to confront those walls, those dams in which the water remained stuck in the past, a glimpse that the past is still present in my cells and that they cry out to overcome that fear that was installed in them.  I probably would not know how just by myself. And at the same time she gives me confidence in the tools I have within me to heal even more, and there is no better tool in my case than to live fully, consciously and passionately the world of art and education.  Since our last session I have noticed a very strong increasing of my body consciousness, in the sense that walking down the street I feel my body, and I feel great, strong, how I had never felt it before, evenmore, it gives me the feeling that I have never had a body and now I have one, it is as if I had gained ten kilograms, grown a lot and step like an elephant. That makes me feel powerful and energetic. I have also noticed more than ever as a master of my own life, with confidence in what I undertake, wanting to undertake and without fear of doing so. - Juan. 38 years. Theater teacher, playwright and photographer.

Juan. 43 years old. Theater teacher, playwright and photographer.


"Muriel is the verb made art. She naturally knows how to interact with honesty, providing support and understanding while you face your own weaknesses and overcome them with your strengths."


Jose F. 37 years old. Mindfulness teacher, Psychoenergetics practitioner and musician. Alicante. (Spain)


"With the 9 stages of EsenciArt I am going through this intimate and personal experience. Where concepts and beliefs fade, and it is a natural intuition that leads me on this journey back to my essence. I go hand by hand with Muriel, who accompanies me and supports me on this special trip. With an infinitely broad love, she guides me and gives me the necessary tools to overcome the bumps of the road. With her presence creates a sheltered and friendly frame that welcomes my process. This experience has changed my life, and I know it will continue to do so.... THANK YOU!

Beatriz, 23 years old. Alicante. (Spain).


"In this workshop, I have gone through many sensations, but above all, I went through many experiences of reconnecting with old forgotten memories, which I believe give shape to my character. I'm gratefull. It has been very beautiful to find and explore my essence, and also now, to have the tools to continue! "

Amalia F. 32 years old. Argentine stylist.


"For me it's like focusing. It has helped me to clarify some ideas of how the world works. How we affect each other even at a distance. With Muriel I have been able to see how a therapy is guided, from the time you receive the patient until when it comes into the process ... And how we usually get in and out of the same pattern. The secret lies in the art of acting from the center. A practice for a lifetime! Thank you Muriel! And emotionally, the little group was like a balm. Like a healing capsule from a distance. I was waiting for the moment to reconnect and leave my own inner war."

Katia k. Girona.

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