EsenciArt, the Art of connecting with our Essence, is a simple process of introspection and personal transformation. It is based on the observation of transformation processes, a 9-phase protocol created by Muriel.

Through these 9 Phases of EsenciArt we arrive at the origin of the current discomfort and we can understand ourselves more deeply, recovering our creative energy, conscience, peace and vitality.

This process is achieved by detecting areas of stress, tension, numbness or discomfort, on a physical, emotional, spiritual level or in our thoughts or beliefs.

These areas of tension or numbness are access doors to our unconscious and the source of our discomfort. This process of introspection and personal transformation consists of 9 steps that help us to become aware of who we really are, as well as those habits that disconnect us or distance us from our true nature.

These 9 Phases of the transformation process were observed by Muriel in 2011, after 20 years of experience working with clients.

Since 2015, she has interviewed more than 150 therapists from various disciplines about the relevance of these phases in their work. The results will be published soon as part of her doctorate. In those results most of the therapists interviewed agree on the relevance of these phases for therapeutic work.

Who is this for?

Anyone can do this process. The only requirement is to wanting to know oneself. Though EsenciArt you begin the process from where you are in the present moment. It does not matter if we have never done a therapeutic or spiritual process or if we have half a life dedicated to our spiritual path or personal healing. We begin with what is in the present moment for each one, be it a physical pain or illness, a painful emotional situation or a vital, spiritual blockage of any kind. With each process we go through we recover a part of ourselves, we release a part of our consciousness and energy. Each practice adds up. With practice, we gradually acquire a greater presence, clarity, openness, depth and enjoyment of the process. We develop our sensory perception and the ability of listening to ourselves, a fundamental tool to develop a happier life, in peace and according to our true nature.

Where can I receive it, learn it or practice it?

The 9 Phases of Transformation of the EsenciArt System are practiced and taught in the EsenciArt International Training and in face-to-face sessions (or by Skype) with Muriel. These can be individual, couples, supervision for students and therapists, and conflict resolution sessions for companies, schools and other organizations. Sessions can be in Spanish and English.

As part of their training, students also do internships sessions.


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