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Ines Gerdhard

Ines Gerdhard


Work Experience
• 2015 – present: developing an interdisciplinary curriculum in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy
• 2002 – present: Own private practice for Psychotherapy, Supervision, back problems and alternative natural medicine in Wittlich Germany.
• 1998-2002 & 2005-2015: 13 years of teaching at BBSH Miami and BBSHE in Bad Neuenahr Germany and Bad Ischl Austria, including Anatomy & Physiology, HMD (Healing medicine and disease lectures), case, supervision and teaching trainee teachers.
• 2012-14: Dean of Year 3 at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe (BBSHE), Austria.
• 18 years Co-leading and leading supervision for individuals and groups.
• 18 years Workshop leader in USA, Germany and the UK.
• 6 years Physical Therapy in different hospitals and private practices.
• 1992-1994: Social Work with children.

Education and Training
• 2016: education and supervision in attachment theory, trauma as a gateway of spiritual transformation and working with the most difficult clients (therapy master mind circle, Diane Poor Heller)
• 2012-2014: Psychotherapy training (HPG). Germany (Isolde Richter).
• 2012: Master’s of Science in Complementary, Psychosocial and Integrated Health Sciences; Inter-Uni Graz, Austria.
• 2011: Couples therapy training (Uta academy Cologne).
• 2007-2009: Advanced Study Programme for Teachers of BBSH for individual and group supervision.
• 2004- 2006: Biofeedback Training, clinic Roseneck.
• 2000: Yoga teacher training (Haus Yoga Vidja, Neuwied).
• 1998-2000: Teacher Training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, USA.
• 1998-1999: Depth Psychology and Supervision at CIL (Community for intentional living) –Training for Psychotherapists, New York. USA.
• 1996-1998: Naturopath training. Naturopath School Gehl Trier.
• 1992 -1998: Brennan Healing Science degree at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH), USA.
• 1990-1992: Basic study in Social Work, University of Kassel
• 1989-1990: Private Practice W. Huissmann, Kassel (Orthopaedics and Neurology).
• 1985-1988: Physical Therapy Training (Dr Rohrbach-school Kassel).

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