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Robert Withers

Robert Withers

Guest Faculty: Robert Withers (M.PHIL.)

Bob graduated from Sussex University with a degree in philosophy in 1973 where he developed a life-long interest in the mind body relationship.

He went on to train as a homeopath with Dr Thomas Maughan and as an acupuncturist at The International College of Oriental Medicine. He then set up a successful private practice as an acupuncturist and homeopath.

He returned to Sussex University to research the effects of homeopathy and was awarded an M.Phil. for his thesis ‘Towards a Psychology of homeopathy’ in 1979. In this he argued
that Jung’s insights into the psychology of alchemy could be used to understand some of the psychological factors at work in homeopathic medicine. He also traced the roots of homeopathy back to the alchemical medicine of Paracelsus.

Bob then trained as an analytic psychotherapist at the London Centre for Psychotherapy in the mid-eighties and eventually qualified as a Jungian analyst with the Society of Analytical Psychology in 1994.

He currently has a busy private practice as an analyst, psychotherapist and supervisor at the Rock Clinic in Brighton; a community psychotherapy clinic and charity which he founded with his then wife Melanie, with whom he has four grown up children.

Bob has held a large number of teaching posts over the years. He was senior lecturer on the master’s courses in the department of Integrated Health at the University of Westminster for fourteen years. His specialist subjects were the history and philosophy of
complementary medicine and working with the therapeutic relationship. He has lectured on the master’s program in complementary therapy at the Interuniversity College Graz for
many years and recently on the University of Brighton’s post-graduate diploma course in psychodynamic counselling. He currently teaches on both the analytic and psychotherapeutic trainings at the Society of Analytical Psychology.

Bob has published numerous articles on subjects related to psychoanalysis, complementary medicine and the placebo effect including the book ‘Controversies in Analytical Psychology’ (2003) which he complied edited and contributed to. His recent article ‘The seventh Penis’ which explores some of the difficulties of working with analytically with pre-surgical transsexuals won the Fordham prize for 2015.

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