Formación Esenciart 2021-22
Sabiduría relacional.
La energia del amor y el arte de las relaciones.

EsenciArt International Training

Become an EsenciArt Facilitator for Mind-Body Energy Processes

2021-22 Esenciart Training

The Year for Relational Wisdom

The energy of love and the art of relationships.

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Our mission is to help you regain your vitality, happiness and peace. Our purpose is to generate a conscious and creative community, centered on the heart.
Muriel Moreno, PhD.

Some of the topics we will explore this year include:

The energy of love and the art of relationships.

The 4th Chakra and Level 4 of the Aura or Energy Field.

The 3 types of energy interactions in relationships.

The EsenciArt System’s 9 Phases to open the heart.

Relational dynamics according to the 5 personalities.

Intimacy and its challenges.

Healthy boundaries and Heart Communication.

Working with the relational cords.

Connection with physical and non-physical beings.

Shadow work.

Online or Semi-face to face Course 2021-22:

Module 3: Relational Wisdom.

The Heart Energy and the Art of Relationships.

Can you love who you don’t see?

This year 2021-22 we are going to delve into the fourth chakra, the heart energy center, which has to do with the ability to experience connection and love. We will develop relational wisdom, the energy of love and the art of relationships. Everything that has to do with how we relate from the heart (or what prevents us).

Through the EsenciArt System and its 9 personal transformation phases, we will discover how to work with the energy of the heart with our clients and with ourselves, understanding the origin and transforming the wounds of the heart that prevent us from loving and opening ourselves.

We will study the three types of energetic interaction that occur in relationships, and how we interact according to our personality type. We will explore intimacy and the challenges it brings. We will work with healthy limits and how we can communicate them from the heart. And we will discover how we are connected with everything that surrounds us through level 4 of the energy field or Aura. This is the level at which we connect with all living beings, as well as with those who are no longer in the physical plane. This 4th Level is the astral level, and it shows us how our heart connection remains beyond time and space.

The intention for this EsenciArt training module is to be able to enjoy healthier, more authentic and satisfying relationships.

Discover your true nature:
source of peace, love, happiness, health and creativity

Our 9-phase EsenciArt System will provide you with an effective tool to understand and dissolve your stress and suffering, accompanying you in your process of self-discovery and personal fulfillment together with tools and keys of Body Psychotherapy, Energy Health and the Creative Arts. You will also learn how to help others reconnect with their essence or true nature.

Practical Information About the 2021-22 Training Year

For this course 2021-22, we offer two study options: Online or Semi-face-to-face.

A. Online:
6 weekends online
+ Unlimited Virtual Campus access
until graduation.  

Technical Needs for Online Training:

• Computer or Tablet, mobile and headphones.
• Programs: Zoom, whatsapp and pdf.

Dates of the online training







Online training schedule (Spain time)

Thursday 10/28 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Friday from 4:00 pm. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Sunday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Plus half an hour before or after Friday, Saturday or Sunday of training that the tutoring of each group will take place.

LANGUAGE: Spanish and english

B. Semi-face-to-face:
4 online weekends + unlimited Virtual Campus access until graduation + 2 face-to-face weekends in Menorca.

Face-to-face place:

New space in Menorca!

Due to the uncertainty due to the pandemic, the in-person option will be confirmed 2 months before each meeting. The student has to enroll in the online training and can decide whether to participate in the face-to-face weekend, paying the extra cost for this face-to-face seminar 6 weeks before. A minimum of students will be necessary to carry out the in-person option.

In any case, the student will always be able to carry out the corresponding teaching with the online group that generally takes place the following weekend.

Dates for the semi-face-to-face training

28-31/10/2021 (Online)

10-12/12/2021 (Online)

21-23/01/2022 (Online)

04-06/03/2022 (Presencial)

22-24/04/2022 (Online)

27-29/05/2022 (Presencial)

Semi-face-to-face training schedule

Thursday 10/21 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Friday from 4:00 8:00 pm

Saturday from 09:00 to 14:00

Sunday from 09:00 to 14:00

LANGUAGE: Spanish and english

Note for new students:

New students will take the introductory course offered before the first training seminar, (on Thursday, October 28 online)

Investment and Payment Plans

Online training

Full Payment: € 2,900 : € 400 Registration + 1 Payment of € 2,500

Partial Payment: € 3,100 : € 400 Registration + 3 Payments of € 900
* Payments to be made before September 5, 2021, November 5, 2021 and February 5, 2022.

Semi-face-to-face training

The investment is the same as the online training plus an extra for face-to-face weekends.
The information and the cost of face-to-face weekends will be given three months before the meeting and will be an extra that covers only face-to-face expenses. The student will be able to reserve his face-to-face weekend 6 weeks before and make the payment for that specific weekend at that time.

* Other expenses:

Books and 2 personal sessions per month with a psychotherapist of your choice.
For the semi-face-to-face option, add accommodation, travel and food expenses in Menorca.

Grants & spetial conditions:

To be considered for our grants plan, please contact us with your request at the email:

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Esenciart Training 2021-22

Relational Wisdom

The energy of love and the art of relationships

EsenciArt International Training.

This course is part of the EsenciArt International Training, structured in 4 independent annual courses that you can take whenever you want, both for your own personal development and to become an EsenciArt Facilitator.

These four year modules are:

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Muriel Moreno

Dear friends:

Throughout these 30 years of training and experience in the field of body psychotherapy, creativity, energy and the health sciences, many students and clients have asked me how to free themselves from suffering and how to help others in this process.

These questions led me to develop in 2011, the EsenciArt System’s 9 Phases of Transformation and to create various training programs in relation to national and international universities and centers.

The recent events have activated in many people states of fear and anxiety, frustration, uncertainty and suffering of greater or lesser intensity. For many the survival mechanisms have been triggered, generating a state of alert and internal tension. A state of stress that weakens the immune system and exhausts, blocking creativity and the ability to connect with others and making it difficult to experience peace, joy and pleasure.

Also with this adverse situation, many people are deeply reflecting on the direction of their life, what really has value for them, and what they want to change or create.

In all adversity there is always an opportunity, especially when you have the tools and knowledge to take advantage of it.
There will always be difficulties that are beyond our control, but how we relate to difficulties is in our hands. We can train learning to relate to these adversities from a centered, open and present place. And that practice will increase our vitality, peace, security, and ability to flow with our lives.

Throughout these years I have been able to observe how our students and clients’ lives are improving year after year in so many aspects: how they have integrated the knowledge and tools learned to stay focused and present in times of chaos, how their awareness of themselves, their presence, connection and courage grows...

Witnessing them grow like this fills me with gratitude for the personal work they do and fills me with hope in humanity. It makes me understand again and again that this development happens every time the person wants to become more concious and to develop peace, and acquires the knowledge and tools to do so. Most people can learn these keys and apply them to their lives, relationships, and profession.

In the same way that you have a digestive system, a hormonal system, a circulatory system, you also have an energy system. We are made of atoms: we are energy. And this energy is information and the ability to "do work." It is what allows us to have the vitality we need to carry out our life effortlessly and enjoy the process.
The more energy, the greater consciousness and the greater power is available for conscious manifestation.
This energy system works in a certain way and is connected to everything we are: to our physical body (specifically to our nervous system and hormonal system); to our personality with its emotions, thoughts, beliefs, patterns; to our intention; to our essence... Learning how it works is key to manifesting the life that we have come to create, the life that we long for and that is meaningful to us.

An important part of our energy system is the Chakra system. Already in the 2nd century a.c. some texts had already appear about them. But after 19 centuries of history, only some privileged people have extracted the teachings that their own body contains. The chakras show us a map to understand the messages of our body and how to develop our potential. Understanding this and other aspects of our energy system and human nature; discovering how past wounds continue to exercise their power and maintain the cycle of suffering in our present life; and learning how to free ourselves with the EsenciArt System is vital to develop a full and peaceful life.

During this course 2021-22, we want to walk with you in this process: help you understand the origin of your stress and process the emotions and beliefs that limit you on the path of your personal fulfillment.

This course is part of the EsenciArt International Training, structured in 4 independent year courses that you can take when you want, both for personal development and to become an EsenciArt Facilitator.

The purpose of the EsenciArt Training is to generate a conscious and creative community, centered in the heart, that helps to generate peace in individuals and their communities and therefore, in the world.

Our intention is to help you connect more deeply with your life purpose, with your own Essence; and to get there, you will learn to transform what limits you, through the 9 Phases of Transformation of the EsenciArt System.

We want you to have the tools to create the life you long for.

Change begins with oneself. This change, requires awareness, practice, and support.

Is this your time to discover and develop your potential? How does your soul want to connect?

With you in the path,
Muriel Moreno, PhD.